About Us

About eMythMakers

Since its foundation in 2005 eMythMakers.com focuses on website design, web enabled applications, software development, customization and maintenance. eMM has been providing dedicated development services to the various international and local organizations in their diverse projects of Website development, Web application development, Software development.

We lead our customers to a complete web expertise delivering high quality web solutions and services through our certified professional team.

Our assortment of clients reflects our tremendous success, over the last 14 years, of our client engagements.

Providing exceptional customer service and support to our clientele have led us to positive long-term working relationships with our clients.

Most of our marketing is done through word of mouth -recommendation by our clients.

Everyone has a very open and clear mindset and is always trying to find innovative utilization of the available technology to make a better solution. The people at eMM are well aware about their specific duty towards the society and the industry. This advantage along with the precise understanding of the local market lets eMM to serve its customers with the appropriate services.

Who We Are

eMythMakers.com is made up of a team of IT & Business specialists with very strong backgrounds in Software development, web development, networking, server management solutions.

We utilized our broad experience, technical knowledge, and business expertise in successfully deploying a number of software and commercial websites for our clients.

We have built up a vast amount of experience in a multitude of different markets such as Media (News-agencies), Photography, Fashion, Tourism and Entertainment as well as the non-profit sector.

Headed by a reliable and empathetic management team, we have established eMythMakers.com as one of the reliable software and web developing solutions provider.

Each member in the team contributes their best towards meeting the demands of the clients as well as of the new industry trends. The team has also a keen interest to acquire new concepts, technology and developments.


Programming Languages Technologies Databases/RDBMS
VB & VB.Net
Java Script, Jscript, VBScript
HTML/DHTML, XML .Net Framework
MS SQL Server
MS Access
OS/Platforms Application / Web Servers Programming Tools
MS Windows
Internet Information Services (IIS)
Oracle Application Server
Visual Studio
Software Engineering Tools Animation Tools Graphics Tools
Rational Rose
3D Studio Max
Adobe Family